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Common Pests Problems

Large and small gopher mounds
2 weeks of gopher damage
Ground Squirrel (wikipedia)
Common Rat (Wikipedia)

Pocket Gophers are the most common burrowing rodents we get called about.  The destructive tunneling and consumption of valuable plants make them very unwelcome in the landscape.  Gophers rarely leave the burrow and they always construct a soil plug to conceal the entrance to the burrow system.  We specialize in gopher control and welcome the opportunity to be of service.  Please see our Prep Sheet for information on how to get the most out of a gopher control service.

Moles are often confused with gophers because both animals live underground in tunnels but they are actually quite different biologically.  Gophers are rodents, eating a plant-based diet, while moles are carnivorous, feasting on earthworms, grubs, and insects they find in the soil.  They don't eat plants like gophers do, but they can cause unattractive surface tunnels and disrupt plant roots in their search for food.  Our mole species are quite small and the damage is much less severe than the problems caused by gophers.

Rats, Mice, and Voles  are a year-around problem in our San Diego landscape.  If allowed to breed unchecked in the landscape, they often seek food and shelter inside buildings.  The best approach is to keep rodent populations low outside before things get out or hand.  Depending on the species of rat or mouse, open holes in your lawn or garden could indicate that you have an infestation.  Other species prefer to build nests of twigs, grass or chewed up fabric or insulation.  Other signs are, obviously, actual rodent sightings, sounds of rodent activity, or the discovery of urine and droppings.  If you are concerned about the safety of using poison around your pets or you worry about poison getting into the environment , please let us know.  We have products available that are free of these problems and are happy to explain the various pet friendly solutions.

Grounds Squirrel populations explode in the spring and summer.  Damage due to the large open burrows they dig is extensive and can cause slopes to erode.  They often strip flower and vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and other crops.  A summer baiting program can be very successful in reducing their numbers.  

Ants and crawling insects  are most active during the warm months but can invade your home just about any time of year if not properly controlled.  Argentine ants are by far the most common nuisance species in this area but red harvesters and odorous house ants cause problems too.  An exterior spray service around the house and selected areas of the yard can keep ants and crawling insects at bay for several months at a time.  Our quarterly service works well for most... or set up a customized schedule to meet your needs .  

Spiders are the worst in the summer and early fall.  Fortunately a single spider treatment during this time is usually all that's needed to knock down this year's population.  We can spot treat the important areas like porches and walkways or go all out and treat the entire yard.




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