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General Pricing and Information

This page is designed to give you an idea of what to expect based on a typical residential property.  Call us to obtain a quote for your specific situation.

Exterior Ant and Bug Spray

Quarterly Service: typically $105.  This service is designed to protect your house from ants, earwigs, rollie pollies, oriental roaches, and many spiders.  Our products are safe for people and pets.  There is no odor and if you are on our quarterly program, we guarantee your house will be ant free.

As-Needed Service:  Typically $140.  Same top quality service as above without the schedule.  You call us when you need us.  One month guarantee.

Gopher Control

Most people do not need an ongoing service- they simply need the current gopher problem handled quickly.  Most of our gopher services cost between $160-$185.  If you have a larger property or extensive gopher problems, call us with the details.  We can usually give you a fairly accurate quote right over the phone.

Rat and Mouse Control

Keep these rats and mice under control outside before they get inside.  Most rodent control jobs are around $275 but can vary in either direction depending on what's needed.  Small localized problems can be a lot less.  Tell us what's going on and we'll provide a quote.

Multiple Service Discounts

Bundle services together and save money.  This saves us time and travel expenses and we will pass the savings on to you.

Neighborhood Discounts

Share a service call with a neighbor and you'll both save.

Fertilization and Citrus Care

Are your citrus trees looking stressed and yellow?  Roses looking sparse?  Give your trees and shrubs the nutrition they need to thrive.  Healthy foliage and roots improve drought tolerance and improve disease resistance.  We use the professional grade products used by nursery's and grove owners to give your plants both the micro and macro nutrients they need.  Our treatments also improve and nourish the soil, removing excess salts, and holding nutrition in the root zone.

Vineyard Care

Protect your vines against Glassy Winged Sharpshooter/ Pierce's Disease, seasonal mildew, and Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizers.  Prices based on size of vineyard.

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